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Chadbrook Cheer

Something to cheer us in these bleak days: activities which we can join in via Zoom.




We have three walks planned, all organised by Christine Smith:

  • Foxearth Nature Reserve, Guided Tour with the Warden, 11am on 20th May. Either walk to the reserve (about 1-1.5 hours, depending on your speed of walking, from Long Melford) or drive (there is parking at the reserve), in order to assemble at 11am for the tour. Optional picnic lunch after the tour (bring your own).
  • Arger Fen, Introductory Talk and Guided Tour with Suffolk Wildlife Trust Guide, morning (time to be arranged), parking available at Arger Fen.
  • Daw’s Hall Gardens and Nature Reserve, either 26th June or 3rd July, date to be confirmed.


These are three of the most beautiful and interesting sites in our area. I hope you will feel keen to join in. Please let Vicky know if you are coming; you will then, nearer the event, receive an email with detailed joining instructions.

 Happily these events will not be on Zoom!




Please let Vicky (chadbrookoffice@gmail.com) know if you are interested in joining any Chadbrook Cheer events.


If you, or anyone you know, might be willing to lead an activity, or want help linking to Zoom, please get in touch with Ian mcdonald@spa-ltd.co.uk or 07748 655301. We would also welcome feedback on Chadbrook Cheer and how it might be improved.

If you would like to join one of the activities, let Vicky know (chadbrookoffice@gmail.com

or 07804 558160) and you will be sent the link to enable you to join in the Zoom ‘meeting’.

In the pandemic we in the church are trying to reach out to a much wider group; if you know someone who is lonely or needs a bit of encouragement to join in, please contact them and give them that encouragement. They don’t need to be local or a church-goer. Let Ian know if you have any difficulty joining up (mcdonald@spa-ltd.co.uk or 07748 655301).