The Hallifax Trust


The Hallifax School Endowment Trust is a registered charity founded in 1863.   During the first half of the 19th Century the Hallifax family came to live at Chadacre.  Wealthy bankers from London, evidence of their generosity to Shimpling can be seen around the village including the former village school.  It dates from 1841 and was built or owned by Thomas Hallifax.  Many people have happy memories of the school but sadly it closed in 1989 and the trustees sold the school and the schoolhouse and invested the proceeds.


There were no Hallifax male heirs and Chadacre passed into the Weller Poley family from Boxted Hall via the marriage of Diana Hallifax.  Although the Hallifax name disappeared over 100 years ago the local community continue to benefit from the kindness and foresight of this family.  The Hallifax Trust provides grants, which are not means tested and depend upon the annual income generated from investments.  Awards are prioritised in accordance with the Trust Deed as follows: -


1)   The primary school serving the Parish of Shimpling, currently Lawshall, for special benefits of any kind not normally provided by the local education authority.

·        The Trust makes an annual contribution towards music tuition at Lawshall School and a few years ago contributed towards the addition of an outdoor classroom.


2)   Grants for people under the age of 25 who either attended primary school serving the Parish of Shimpling or whose parents live in Shimpling.

·        The Trust continues to be an important source of extra funding for youngsters living in Shimpling. Every year 15 -20 youngsters are awarded grants to help towards the cost of going to college or university.  Applications are considered at the beginning of the academic year.

·        Application forms are available from the administrator, hallifaxtrust@gmail.com and must be returned by 30th September.

 or Click here for 2021/22  form

3)   General benefit of the residents of Shimpling - if there are funds in any year not required for the above, it may be used for community events and projects.

·        In recent years the Trust has contributed towards the Village Hall refurbishment, repairs to the bridge into the churchyard and village social events.


The Trustees meet twice a year in March and October and report annually at the Village Meeting in May.  The annual accounts are audited and the Charity Commission regulates the Trust.


Legacies and donations – If you are interested in making a donation or legacy with direct benefit to local children and the community please get in touch with the secretary.


Email address: hallifaxtrust@gmail.com


Contacts: Claire Wilson, Administrator 01284 830574

Jenny Pine, Treasurer 01284 827073


Registered Charity No 310396